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We present Cineyetastic 4K Pro; our revolutionary portable projector-the ultimate solution for those looking for a cinematic experience in the comfort of their home.

✓ Compact and portable:
Sleek and compact design. Take the magic of the big screen with you everywhere-from the living room to the outside.

★ Low-noise operation: Thanks to quiet fans and noise attenuation technologies, the Cineyetastic 4K Pro offers an interference-free film experience without annoying fan noise. In contrast, conventional projectors are often loud and can interfere with the listening experience.

★ Smart Connectivity: Simple screen mirroring with your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Enjoy the convenience of wireless streaming and share content from your device in no time.

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Cineyetastic 4K Pro


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The search for the perfect film or the ideal series can sometimes become a frustrating task. A common problem is flooding with options that can lead to decision paralysis. Sometimes you spend more time looking for something suitable than actually watching. We built the Cineyetastic Secret Entertainment Ebook Guide on this basis. When you buy the Cineyetastic 4K Pro, you will have a free ebook to make your home theater experience easier.

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  1. Placement: Place the Cineyetastic 4K Pro on a stable surface or attach it with a compatible holder. Cable connection: Plug the included cable into the projector and turn it on.
  2. Connection: Connect the projector to your Wi-Fi network for full performance from Android. Download streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more from the Google Play Store.
  3. Select: Open your favorite apps or streaming services on your phone. Easily connect game consoles like the PS5 or Nintendo Switch via HDMI for the ultimate cinematic gaming experience.
  4. Play: Choose your film, series or game and enjoy the immersive cinematic experience. Adjust the focus with the side wheel and use the automatic keystone correction for the perfect alignment of the projection image.

    It's that easy to transform any room into a cinema experience with the Cineyetastic 4K Pro.

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Yes, of course, you will receive a tracking number after your order and can therefore track your order at any time, including on our website.

Yes, of course! The Cineyetastic 4K Pro uses Android 11.0, so you can download Netflix and other streaming services directly from the Google Play Store. You don't need any additional devices like Fire TV or Chromecast. Simply connect our projector to the WiFi, log in to your Netflix account and enjoy your favorite shows and films on the big screen.

Of course! The Cineyetastic 4K Pro allows you to connect Bluetooth headphones to the projector. This allows you to enjoy your privacy and listen to the audio of your favorite shows and movies wirelessly through headphones. This is particularly useful if you are in an environment where you do not want to disturb others or if you want an immersive sound experience without disturbing ambient noise.

The Cineyetastic 4K Pro offers a native resolution of 1280 x 720p, which ensures a clear and sharp display. With an impressive screen size of up to 130 inches, it transforms your room into a true cinema experience by projecting a large and immersive image.

Yes, the Cineyetastic 4K Pro has an integrated audio system on the front of the projector, so the sound is played directly. An alternative option is to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the projector.

You can open, download and read our Cineyetastic Secret Entertainment Ebook Guide via a link after your purchase. We will send you the link via email after purchase.
You can download the eBook using your smartphone, tablet and computer download and use it at any time.

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